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WINE SHOP / Muscat – a blend of vintages (375ml)

Muscat – a blend of vintages (375ml)

$80.00 AUD
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Indulge in our Muscat, a unique and luscious wine that offers an explosion of flavors and aromas. This special blend of vintages is made entirely from grapes grown, harvested, and matured on our estate. The wine is aged up to 22 years old to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and complexity.

On the nose, the Muscat offers a rich and complex bouquet of ripe raisins, Christmas pudding, and other luscious flavors. On the palate, the wine has a beautiful viscosity that coats the mouth with rich and velvety flavors.

This wine is perfect for enjoying on its own, as a dessert wine, or paired with your favorite chocolate desserts. The high alcohol content and rich, sweet flavors make it an excellent accompaniment to strong cheeses, such as blue cheese, or spicy dishes.

Food Pairing:

Desserts: The sweet, luscious flavors of the Muscat pair perfectly with chocolate desserts, such as chocolate mousse, flourless chocolate cake, or chocolate truffles. It also complements fruit-based desserts, such as poached pears, apple tarts, or fruitcake.

Cheese: The richness of the Muscat makes it an excellent pairing with strong and pungent cheeses, such as blue cheese, Roquefort, or Stilton. It also goes well with creamy cheeses, such as brie or camembert.

Spicy Dishes: The Muscat's high alcohol content and sweet flavors make it an ideal pairing with spicy dishes, such as Thai curry or Indian vindaloo. The sweetness of the wine helps to balance the spiciness of the dish.

We hope these pairing suggestions will inspire you to try our Muscat with a variety of dishes. Cheers!

Wine Analysis:

Alc/Vol: 18% / 750 ML / Contains sulphites / Vegan friendly / 5.3 Standard Drinks