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 -->What is Jeir Creek?

Jeir Creek is an estate winery located in the Canberra District. The Estate is 40 acres in size, with approximately 8 acres under vine and a further 9 acres under rehabilitation for planting in late 2022. Working winery on site, with the addition of a cellar door

 --> Who is Jeir Creek?

The Jeir creek brand's history dates back to 1984 when the first vines were planted, and the original part of the winery was established. In early 2021 the Pandey family purchased the property, fresh-faced in the wine industry they are striving to rehabilitate the property after falling in love with the site in late 2020.

 --> Why is Jeir Creek Operating?

Jeir Creek is endeavour is to place the winery back on the map as a central part of the Canberra wine district.

--> What inspired Jeir Creek?

The inspiration is simple, the Pandey family were buoyed by the possibility of recreating and rehabilitating the site. “The views out over the property stretching to the Brindabella Ranges is something to behold,” Anurag said after his first visit to the site.

 --> What influences Jeir Creek?

Quality wine and produce are what influence the winery and vineyard. Being able to go through the vine growing cycle, learning from the conditions to get the fruit to the best possible standard. Then watching the wines grow in the winery, we are trying to capture all these elements and be able to put them on display to the customers when they arrive at the cellar and taste the wines.

--> What are Jeir Creek's philosophies?

With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we are trying to create and build an ecosystem and microclimate that suits the growing season as they change. We know that the battle for a great wine is won and lost in the vineyard. With that in mind, the rehabilitation of the vines and replanting of new vines is of utmost importance, we are selecting varieties that are suitable for the growing conditions, and looking forward to the next 30 years. It is a real commitment of time and patience in the vineyard that cannot be won overnight.

 --> Why purchase Jeir Creek?

The purchase of the site was something that evolved as we spent more time looking at the opportunity. We started to understand the importance of wine and winemaking in the area and even though it is not something that was in our background we wanted to be able to have the opportunity to be part of it and learn the processes along the way.