New Releases

Several times a year we have new releases. These are exciting times, with the wines being made available at their optimum 'first release' time:

The whites showing the vibrancy of their youthful fruit, and the knowledge that they will last for a very long time (we are drinking our 23 year old Riesling on occasion!), and,

The reds, after spending several years in our heavily insulated, air-conditioned cellar to ensure they are at the beginning of their long drinking life.

When these releases are about to occur, you will be notified if you are on our (secure!) email list, or keep watch on the "New Release" pull-down on our homepage.

New Releases Sparkling

One of the wine styles we are particularly proud of is 'sparkling', in the traditional fashion.

As we are not allowed to use the term "Champagne", even though our Sparkling wines are made in the traditional 'fermented in the bottle in which it is finally sold' method, these wines undergo the full tirage, remuage amd disgorging after two years minimum on yeast lees for the white.

Our white sparkling is called "Les trois filles" - the three daughters - to acknowledge the marvellous imput of our girls. It is a blend of 85% Chardonnay, and 15% Pinot Noir, with minimal pinot skin contact to ensure no red colour.

The Sparkling Shiraz combines the delightful fruit character of shiraz from this area, with the celebratory result of bubbles, from the secondary fermentation.

The release of these wines is not to be missed - not only are the new wines finally available, but we will showcase older wines to compare.

Email us to ensure you are contacted when this event is to occur.