Muscat Blending Masterclass

Ever wondered how those beautiful fortified (extra alcohol added) Muscat’s, so revered by wine aficionados around the world, are made?

The art of Muscat blending comes from the ability to assemble the final blend of Muscat from a range of wines of varying vintage, richness and complexity.

The Muscat is drawn from a series of barrels into which selected parcels of new vintage Muscat or a range of matured wines have been added from time to time - this creates the blend that maintains the consistency of the finished product for bottling.

“Grapes selected for our Muscat are left to ripen on the vines late into autumn until they are rich and sweet and almost raisined in texture. At the end of vintage, after fortification, the young Muscats are blended with older material already maturing in the cask. The fresh, sweet, spirity young Muscats give the nutty, tawny-coloured, older, wood-matured material a necessary zest and elegance,” said Rob Howell.

Be involved in this unique experience – in the ‘back room’, we taste all the options separately, then discuss the characteristics of each. Then the fun (seriously) starts – a squidgon (metric, of course) here, a dab there, an extra bolster, perhaps.


Finally the confident call – “I think I’ve got it”!


Will your peers agree? Will your blend be the next Jeir Creek release?


WOW – what an opportunity…

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