Let's talk

An evocative title – not one often used in the wine industry, where ‘close to the chest’ is often the byword.

We don’t agree.

Our industry is our passion, so, any chance to ‘soapbox’ is gratefully taken.

What do you think?

Do you want to know more? Do you want to sit down with all the ‘passionados’ and yarn? See what is happening ‘out the back?


On these days, normally scheduled to allow the maximum ‘hands on’, we will talk, and taste heaps…

What about these gems…

  1. Sparkling wine – how and why.

  2. Botrytis – is it just a yucky mold?

  3. Oak – why all the hype (and cost)

  4. Cabernet or Shiraz? What really is the difference? Is Pinot really a contender?

So many questions for you to digest.

Want the answers, or the discussion?

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